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Welcome to the Ether  

2019 - 2022

It is not our preferred state of being, but since we can't be everywhere at once it will have to suffice.

2182 Recording Company is a collaboration between Robert V Anderson and Ryan J Bruce.  We share an interest in sounds that engage beyond just listening.  These sounds are rooted in a history of creation in Arizona that involves people that were inspired by people who do things differently.  If what you hear and see inspires you, then we hope you engage with us.

Algae & Tentacles LP Release Party - November 9th

November 2022


Wednesday, November 9th, Algae & Tentacles will release The Mouth is a Resonant Field at the Golden Saguaro in Tucson, Arizona. NYC's 99Hooker and Lauren Sarah Hayes from Phoenix will open the evening beginning at 7 PM (record will be available along with pre-release bundle).  The Golden Saguaro is located at 609 East 6th Street and hosts a monthly experimental music series on the second Wednesday of each month. Algae & Tentacles is the sound work of John Melillo, who produces sonic outputs ranging from art punk songs to cracked digital experiments to sine-wave sound writing to sound poetry to electro-acoustic improvisations. The Mouth is a Resonant Field is his first 2182 release, but Melillo has a number of previous solo and collaborative releases.  Melillo is also a writer, teacher, and researcher, and his first book—The Poetics of Noise from Dada to Punk—was published by Bloomsbury Press in September 2020.

Diminished Men and Algae & Tentacles due out in December

November 2022

2182 is proud to be releasing Damage Mécanique and The Mouth is a Resonant Field this December. These records will be available for pre-sale via this site and distributed by Forced Exposure and Outer-National. If you would like to get information regarding these releases, please sign up for our mailing list. 

Idol Ko Si and Derek Monypeny due out in December

November 2022

We are also proud to announce the upcoming release from Seattle's Idol Ko Si and the second 2182 release by Derek Monypeny.  Monypeny's Cibola and Idol Ko Si's sixth self-titled release will be distributed by Forced Exposure and Outer-National in December. Please sign up for mailing list for additional information.  

Porcelain Hammer, Fellahin, Khoury/Sehnaoui/Yassin, Cecyl Ruehlen, Monypeny/Corcoran into Production

November 2022

We will be releasing additional information about these releases soon, but suffice to say that we are thrilled to be working with Steve Bristol, Kevin Corcoran, Mike Khoury, Mike List, Deanna McMullen, Ben Miller, Kenny Millions, Derek Monypeny, Cecyl Ruehlen, Sharif Sehnaoui, and Raed Yassin on new projects.

Derek Monypeny 12inArt Final1.png

Derek Monypeny 

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