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About 2182

Doing what we can. Thanks for reading.

2182 kHz was used as the distress frequency on shortwave radio.  The Recording Company was certainly borne out of this spirit, but not everything you hear or see will be distressing.


The collaboration between Anderson and Bruce developed out of an interest to see sounds from a particular time and place in Arizona be released and archived.  We have found a kinship in each other and believe that there are people who share this bond as well.

Our offices are located down a dirt road, over a wash, and are often shared by javalinas and migrants or at least these folks would be welcomed when they arrived.  While we would welcome you as well, we aren’t just giving out our location to anyone.  Anonymity can be sacred.

To get a hold of us, you may send promos, demos, letters, and sustenance to: 

2182 Recording Company, PO Box 1885, Tucson, AZ 85702

2182 Recording Company, P.O. Box 50894, Phoenix, AZ 85076

Via email: 2182recordingcompany AT gmail dot com

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