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Alternative Particle Choir

Black Hole Diaries

Limited edition 2 x 12" LP

Volume 4 in the Mount Meru Anthology

Released 2020

Alan Bishop

W. David Oliphant

Joel Robinson

The Black Hole Diaries documents the accidental discovery and unraveling of a complex subtle world filled with all manner of reflections that vary in appearance depending upon circumstances. These recordings are vague reflections of the originals which exist in a manner  inaccessible to our external nomal hearing. The sound presented here captures to the best of our ability a few fragments of these unending  streams.  This project  has been a work in progress since the early 1980’s by a young group of experimental Arizona musicians who shared some psychedelic laced weekends together seeking worlds beyond the visable ... 

 Music from Arizona has been generically refereed to as some kind of ‘sun damaged’. While this may not be entirely inaccurate it is our opinion that the real infectious agent is not the sun but rather whatever the fuck it is that calls black holes a doorway. While the force driving this new approach to sound was not directly understood it’s influence came out as a of mix of the sacred and profane with a healthy dose of what the fuck was that?

Excerpts From the Black Hole Diaries Liner Notes

Dreams of the Long Gone Ones (Side One of Three)

I. 10 Directions of Continuance

The original title (in English) is ‘The Arrows of Kunzhi’. This music is a rare ‘self collaboration’ sung

by the same sentient being performed in 10 different incarnations. One unique property of the 
Mount Meru Cultural Center (MMCC)  is that it exists outside linear time flows. Therefore here if a 
sentient being choses it is possible to interact with other manifestations of oneself i-===n other time 
lines and dimensions. The original performance took place in ‘The Amphitheater of Release’  with the 
intended purpose of transmitting ‘The Dreams of the Long Gone Ones’ through The Arrows of Kunzhi 
to 13 worlds con=nected by an unknown karmic past. This version ’10 Directions of Continuance’ is 
reflection of what cannot be heard externally. 

In Advance of Reflections (Side Two of Three)

IV.   Shadow Becomes Sun

Before and beyond everything exits an innate state beyond any description except for what it is not. Here ‘shadow’ is analogous to a lack of anything whatsoever. ‘Becomes’ encompasses infinite variations in which things become or manifest as something. ‘Sun’ is both literal for this something from nothingness dance and represents everything we know to physically exist. In Advance of Reflections refers to works that document a specific transition from the ‘beyond all description’ state to a thing that exits. This section has been generated (via above interpreter) from recorded data leading from the first ‘Cracks of Light’ to becoming a galaxy. The span of time represented by this is unknown save to say by our experience it is billions of years reduced to 7 mins here. Note; Cracks of Light is a phrase used to describe the first breakthrough from one state to another - like the very first instance of steam forming from cool water to boiling. This track and the following included here is what might be considered an educational document when experienced in its native format (pre translator).

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