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2182 Releases

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kHz - 1010 Derek Monypeny - Cibola LP

kHz - 1010b — Derek Monypeny - Remote Duets 7"

Cibola is in some ways a continued exploration/distillation of the approach and methodology that Monypeny first introduced on The Hand As Dealt: the 15-string Indian electric banjo known as the shahi baaja again features prominently, and many of the tracks could be called "drone-based." Limited Edition black vinyl LP. Cibola was mastered by Charlie Stavish and Mark Gergis. Pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Edition of 500.

Remote Duets is a limited edition 7-inch was produced as a companion piece to Cibola. These songs (Source 2, In Tribute) consist of two open-source drum/percussion tracks performed and recorded by Ted Byrnes in Los Angeles, CA, mixed by Derek Monypeny, at Studio Pendejo, Yucca Valley, CA. Mastered by Mark Gergis. Pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Edition of 200. 

kHz - 1009 Diminished Men - Damage Mécanique LP

kHz - 1009b — Diminished Men - Invasive Species 7"


Damage Mécanique thrusts the listener into a malfunctioning industrial sci-fi soundscape. Trance inducing guitars beckon with haunting wails, high-tension wires spin and spit with a crackling hiss. Circular kosmische rhythms and anxiety-drenched beats destroy and rebuild around fractured melodies and noise. The band oxidizes and melts into experimental post-punk and acousmatic environments as hypnotic groove and vertigo copulate in cinematic assemblage. Limited Edition black vinyl LP. Damage Mécanique was recorded by Evan Schiller, mixed by Randall Dunn at Figure 8 in Brooklyn, NY and mastered by Alan Jones at Laminal Audio, Tracyton, WA. Pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Edition of 500. 

Invasive Species is a limited edition 7-inch that was produced as a companion piece to Damage Mécanique. It was recorded by Evan Schiller and Diminished Men. Artwork by Constantine Katsiris. It was pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Edition of 200. 

kHz - 1008 Idol Ko Si - S/T LP

kHz - 1008b Idol Ko Si - 12-inch Maxi single

Idol Ko Si is an abstracted supergroup from Seattle featuring members of Aframes, Climax Golden Twins, Factums, Dreamsalon, AFCGT, Sublime Frequencies, and Yves Son Ace. Fractured sounds, broken beats, cocaine ambiance...low key, lo-fi and hazy. This is the first IKS full-length tangible material object, having previously released several full lengths only digitally. Limited edition black-vinyl LP. The album was mastered by Mark Gergis and pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Edition of 500. 

Idol Ko Si also recorded a limited edition 12-inch maxi-single that is bundled with the LP. This fine item has been mastered by Mark Gergis and designed by John Hubbard. The record comes in a matte black center-hole cut jacket. Limited edition of 200. 

kHz - 1007 Algae & Tentacles - The Mouth is a Resonant Field LP w/ chapbook

kHz - 1007b Algae & Tentacles - Wave the Ocean cassette

The Mouth Is a Resonant Field brings together a variety of approaches to the mouth as a space for resonance. Stretching between feedback improvisation and folk song form, this music reaches into the inchoate space within, around, and under the common field of human endeavor we think of as singing, as song. Songs are machines, too, and here they are in conversation with and plugged into a lungs-throat-mouth-microphone-electricity-amplifier assemblage. Limited Edition black vinyl LP. The Mouth is a Resonant Field was mastered for vinyl by Geoff Saba and pressed by Smashed Plastic in Chicago. The TMIARF chapbook was constructed by Amanda Beehuizen and Jeik Ficker at Tanline Printing in Tucson. Edition of 500. 

Wave the Ocean cassette was created as a pre-order companion piece to The Mouth is a Resonant FieldWave the Ocean was mastered by Geoff Saba and Mark Gergis and made by A to Z Media. Edition of 100. 

kHz - 1006 Derek Monypeny - The Hand as Dealt 2LP

kHz - 1006b Derek Monypeny - Plays Sun City Girls Songs on the Shahi Baaja 7" 

The Hand as Dealt is a double LP release with limited edition 7 inch.  The record was recorded in Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree, California and is inspired by and dedicated to Umm Kulthum, Terry Riley, Alice Coltrane, and Don Cherry. Monypeny, who was born and raised in Yuma, has spent time in the Freak of Araby Ensemble with Richard Bishop and the trio ALTO!. The 7-inch is dedicated to the memory of Charlie Goocher

kHz - 1005 — Mount Meru Anthology Box Set -- Wooden Case 


The first four records of 2182 Recording Company combined in a handmade wooden box with all of the companion pieces from each release including tarot cards, DVD, and lathe cut. Edition of 50.

kHz - 1004 — The Alternative Particle Choir - The Black Hole Diaries 2LP

In the summer of 2017, W. David Oliphant, Alan Bishop, and Joel Robinson came together to create a three sided LP that redefines the concept of 'sun damaged' often ascribed to Arizona sounds.  This release brought W. David Oliphant, Bob Anderson, and Ryan J. Bruce together to start 2182 Recording Company.

kHz - 1003 — Sunn Trio - Electric Esoterica LP

kHz - 1003b — Sunn Trio - 8 inch Square Lathe Cut

'Electric Esoterica' adds to Sunn Trio's growing catalogue and follows 2018's "Fayrus' on Unrock Records.  This Phoenix group helps keep a sound tradition going in the valley while forging an entirely new path.  First experiments in a "real" studio.

kHz - 1002 — Sun City Girls - Live At The Sky Church - September 3, 2004 LP/DVD 

'Live at the Sky Church' is Sun City Girls's provocative performance at the Experience Music Project in Seattle on September 3, 2004.  One of only a few recordings to be released after Sun City Girls disbanded in 2007.

kHz - 1001 — Sir Richard Bishop and W. David Oliphant - Beyond All Defects LP

This was composed and recorded live in the studio in Phoenix, AZ in December of 2011. The sonic landscapes presented here find their origins in Tibet, and are heavily inspired by Tibetan Buddhism -- specifically the body of teachings known as Dzogchen.  The recording was mastered by Mark Gergis in the summer of 2018.  Limited edition clear 180g vinyl. 

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