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Idol Ko Si


Limited edition LP and 12-inch Maxi Single

Released 2023

Matthew Ford

Robert Millis

Min Yee

Idol Ko Si is an abstracted supergroup from Seattle featuring members of Aframes, Climax Golden Twins, Factums, Dreamsalon, AFCGT, Sublime Frequencies, and Yves Son Ace.  Fractured sounds, broken beats, cocaine ambiance...low key, lo-fi and hazy.

The 2182 release is their first full-length tangible material object, having previously released several full lengths only digitally.

Idol Ko Si "...don't rock so much as they creep, tremble, warble, and emit a strange glow, a muted luminescence.  These three dudes have rocked so much in their lives, they can afford to leave that all behind and deviate into more enigmatic territory. And that they do with subtle brilliance and unerring instincts for offbeat "ethnological forgeries" (to borrow a concept from CAN)." -- Dave Segal, The Stranger

"I loved echoes. Odd radio transmissions. Footsteps in the distance, rustling through leaves. Lines smacking against flagpoles or masts in harbors. Crickets. Water through the pebbles on a beach. The sound in my head while chewing. The rhythms of car tires on uneven pavement. I don’t think I even understood that to most people these noises were different than “music.” To me they were all part of one big sound world: the emotion in a singer’s voice, a guitar, the disquieting squeak of a chair, conversation in a theatre before the movie starts, someone hollering. It all connects. I tried to foist my collage and found sound proclivities on rock bands I was in, figuring that it was all the same, that everyone thought like I did...." -- Robert Millis from Prepared Guitar 

02 Chain ReactionIdol Ko Si
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