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Pictures, Promo Material, Reviews, Etc.

2182 Recording Company is appreciative of any press about our releases.


Below is the electronic press kit for anyone interested in writing about our releases.  This information will be updated regularly.  All that we ask is that you let us know before you publish anything.


Idol Ko Si - Pic#1, Pic#2, IKS cover, IKS maxi single cover, Matthew Ford print

Algae & Tentacles -- Pic#1, Pic#2, Pic#3, Pic#4 -- TMIARF cover, WTO cover

Diminished Men -- Pic#1, Pic#2, Pic#3, Pic#4, -- Damage Mécanique, 7-inch cover

Derek Monypeny -- Pic #1, Pic#2, Pic#3, Pic#4

Derek Monypeny -- Cibola cover, The Hand as Dealt cover

Derek Monypeny -- Monypeny Plays SCG on the Shahi Baaja cover, Remote Duets cover

SRB & WDO -- Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic #3, Pic #4, Pic #5 -- cover

SRB & WDO -- Beyond All Defects One Sheet -- JPG, PDF

Sunn Trio -- Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic #3 -- cover, hi-res cover

Sunn Trio -- Electric Esoterica One Sheet -- PDF

Sun City Girls -- Live at the Sky Church - Sept 3, 2004 -- PDF

Sun City Girls -- Live at the Sky Church - Sept 3, 2004 -- cover, hi-res

Alternative Particle Choir -- Black Hole Diaries -- PDF

Alternative Particle Choir -- Black Hole Diaries -- cover, hi-res cover

2182 Recording Co. -- Wire Ads - January 2020, February 2020

2182 Recording Co. -- Upcoming Releases One Sheet -- JPG, PDF

2182 Recording Co. -- Logo -- JPG

If you have been given a digital download code, please go here to obtain the album.

All press, promo, or performance inquires can be sent to Ryan J Bruce at 520-227-6547 or via email at 2182recordingcompany at gmail dot com.  


W. David Oliphant 

& Sir Richard Bishop


Sunn Trio at the Tusk Festival

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