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Send us your sounds. We will return the favor.

We are always interested in hearing from you. Filling out this form sends it to our general email address, but you can email us directly at 2182recordingcompany AT

We are always accepting submissions.  In fact, if you send us a demo or album, we will send you an album in return. We appreciate all sound.

Our main mailing address for packages is P.O. Box 1885, Tucson, AZ 85702. Our number is 520.227.6547.  We enjoy mail and field recordings. 

We can connect you to any artist that has worked with us for interview, promo, or tour requests. If you have a community radio program and would like to obtain a copy of one of our releases, please contact us. We are community and LPFM radio fans. 

If you are going to write about the label or any releases, please let us know. We can provide additional materials that would be usable for publication. You can also find additional information on our press page.

Thanks for submitting!

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