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RELEASE DATE: 3.11.2020


A punk trio that is influenced by middle eastern psych, free jazz, and improvisation. While not recorded in a traditional studio, these recordings represent the first studio-produced sounds from this group.  The group is built around Joel Robinson and has had as many as eight to ten members in recordings and live performances, but more recently has been focused on a trio that composes music that challenges every notion of what rock, punk, or psych can be; however, at the same time, the music is crafted with improvisational focus and middle eastern influence that should be the basis for this generation’s new music.


Robinson makes his melody maker sound like an oud, rabab, and even at times a gamelan when he isn’t using these instruments to generate the lead lines to the compositions.  The music has an import that shows a deference to eastern music, while expressing a freedom that isn’t present in any modern music.  It is urgent music for urgent times -- times that inspired the Arab Spring, but also decimated Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.  Sunn Trio creates music that responds to these atrocities and works to build a bridge to these people.


Electric Esoterica is the third album from Sunn Trio.  It is the third in a series of records that revolve around Alan and Richard Bishop, Charles Goocher, W. David Oliphant, and Joel Robinson called the Mount Meru Anthology.  These sounds are rooted in a history of creation in Arizona that involves people that were inspired and supported by people who do things differently.


Sunn Trio wants you to listen, but don’t be fucking passive.

Sunn Trio - Electric Esoterica

SKU: kHz-1003
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