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Idol Ko Si has recorded a limited edition 12-inch maxi-single that will be bundled with the LP. This fine item has been mastered by Mark Gergis. Designed by John Hubbard. The record comes in a matte black center-hole cut jacket with design from an era when vinyl was a CD. Limited edition of 200. LP download delivered after purchase.




Idol Ko Si LP

Idol Ko Si 12-inch Maxi Single


Idol Ko Si is an abstracted supergroup from Seattle featuring members of Aframes, Climax Golden Twins, Factums, Dreamsalon, AFCGT, Sublime Frequencies, and Yves Son Ace.  Fractured sounds, broken beats, cocaine ambiance...low key, lo-fi and hazy.


This is the first IKS full-length tangible material object, having previously released several full lengths only digitally.


Idol Ko Si "...don't rock so much as they creep, tremble, warble, and emit a strange glow, a muted luminescence.  These three dudes have rocked so much in their lives, they can afford to leave that all behind and deviate into more enigmatic territory.  And that they do with subtle brilliance and unerring instincts for offbeat "ethnological forgeries" (to borrow concept from CAN)." -- Dave Segal, The Stranger


Idol Ko Si: Matthew Ford, Robert Millis, Min Yee


Artwork by MF

Recorded and Mixed by MY

Additional Recording by RM


Mastered by Mark Gergis

Designed by John Hubbard


All songs by Idol Ko Si

copyright Muang Sing Music ASCAP


2022 Twenty One Eighty Two Recording Company

CC -- Some Rights Reserved

Idol Ko Si - Idol Ko Si LP + IKS 12-Inch Maxi Single

SKU: kHz-1009b
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