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Limited Edition black vinyl LP.  The Mouth is a Resonant Field was mastered for vinyl by Geoff Saba and pressed by Smashed Plastic in Chicago. TMIARF chapbook comes with the first 100 copies. Edition of 500. Download included after purchase.


A broken telephonic call to the future’s past, The Mouth is a Resonant Field combines solo voice, intuitive free improvisation, minimalist endurance, and noisy accident in order to reimagine the sonic palette of American folk song.


Through the filter of consumer grade pedal electronics, old songs become sites where new worlds can emerge. Always with an ear toward the vast, oceanic sonic confusion of these unknown spaces, Algae & Tentacles works in the undersound of traditional song. 


Algae & Tentacles is the sound work of John Melillo. It is an umbrella for an eclectic set of sonic outputs that often hover around song, including verse-chorus-verse constructions, digital sound art, sound poetry, and electro-acoustic improvisation. A&T’s first—self-titled—album was released by Lightning Records in 2015. Melillo has released collaborative albums with Cecyl Ruehlen (Where Tremble Heart, Unsilent Desert Press, 2022) and Geoff Saba (Dry River, FREAKS, 2017). Based in Tucson, Arizona and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Melillo is a writer, teacher, and researcher, and his first book—The Poetics of Noise from Dada to Punk—was published by Bloomsbury Press in 2020.


Recorded at Exploded View, Tucson, AZ 

February 2020


Engineered by Igloo Martian

Mixed by Geoff Saba and John Melillo

Mastered by Geoff Saba at Itinerant Home Recording


Photo of Artist by Paul McNeill

Cover Design by Ryan Wade Ruehlen


2022 Twenty One Eighty Two Recording Company

CC -- Some Rights Reserved

Algae & Tentacles - The Mouth is a Resonant Field LP

SKU: kHz-1007
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