The Amnesia Quartet

The Amnesia Quartet first formed in 1986 with George Dillon, Su Ling, Eric Barbour and -wdo. This incarnation was a bizarre attempt at pop music from the depths of a quiet Hell.

The 2nd incarnation of AQ was a five year weekly run as the house band for the mid 1990's alternative everything bookstore and performance space 'Metropophobobia' aka 'The Bobia' aka means the fear of Phoenix, Az. Over the coarse of five years they planned the worlds longest song continuing week to week with a core group of Peter Ragan percussion and live loops, Joe Willie Smith hand percussion and saxophone, Alan Jones woodwinds and -wdo sample, bass thing, live loops and group processing.


The 3rd incarnation was Joe Willie Smith and -wdo for a brief time 2013 -2014

AQ 2.jpg