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This limited edition Remote Duets 7-inch was produced as a companion piece to Cibola.  These songs (Source 2, In Tribute) consist of two open-source drum/percussion tracks performed and recorded by Ted Byrnes in Los Angeles, CA, mixed by Derek Monypeny, at Studio Pendejo, Yucca Valley, CA. Mastered by Mark Gergis. Edition of 200. LP download included after purchase.




Cibola LP

Remote Duets 7-inch


Cibola is in some ways a continued exploration/distillation of the approach and methodology that I first introduced on The Hand As Dealt: the 15-string Indian electric banjo known as the shahi baaja again features prominently, and many of the tracks could be called "drone-based."


But I also wanted to expand further. Cibola marks the first time I have ever had drums on any of my solo records; my dear friend, the brilliant San Francisco-based percussionist and sound artist Kevin Corcoran, sent me a complete drum track and I played shahi baaja and guitar over it. The result is "Nala Gem," where we explore quasi-Southeast Asian bell tones, dynamics, and heavy wash.  And I end the record with "A Tin Tear Drop," where I introduce an electric autoharp, which I play using mallets to create a multiphonic, glowing Fabrege sound-egg.


I'm already a decade into my solo "career," but over the last couple of years I have entered a new phase in what I do; I'm grateful to work with 2182 Recording Co. so you can hear it. 






Cities of Gold. 


Mythology sold in the 16th century by the Aztecs to pathetic, sociopathic, obsessively greedy colonizing "conquistadors."


("In 1539, Italian Franciscan Marco da Nizza reached Zuni Pueblo and called it Cibola. However, when conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado finally arrived at Cíbola in 1540, he discovered that the stories were unfounded and that there were, in fact, no treasures as the friar had described — only adobe towns.")


A perfect current reference point for our hopelessly unaffordable, condo-bedazzled New Gilded Age cities. 


Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, Blythe, CA. Midway between my home and my home state.


Cibola High School, Yuma, AZ, my hometown: 85% Latino/Hispanic population.




Derek Monypeny:


Guitar (Hone, Nala Gem, The Creosote, Laayoune)

Shahi Baaja (Two Showers at Noon, Nala Gem, Take Me)

Electric Autoharp (A Tin Tear Drop)


with special guest Kevin Corcoran:


Drums/Percussion (Nala Gem)


Recorded and Mixed by Derek Monypeny at Studio Pendejo, Yucca Valley, CA -- Summer 2020.


Premastered by Charlie Stavish at Clock Tower Recorder, Joshua Tree, CA.


Mastered by Mark Gergis


Cover Design by John Hubbard / EMKS


2022 Twenty One Eighty Two Recording Company

CC -- Some Rights Reserved

Derek Monypeny - Cibola LP + Remote Duets 7-inch

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