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Life Garden

"This is a very unusual album, varying from complex to simple musics - an easy album to listen to, but more demanding to analyse. 
It opens with the epic amorphous track "Varikara", a l5'45" long piece of non-beat, non-shape music, a drifting, shimmering, chiming, humming cauldron of sounds, mostly with an Eastern feel, given voice by it's sustained sitar sound, humming didgeridoo soundalike which fades in & long-decaying gongs, among a myriad other sounds. How can something of this length be analysed in a handful of words - not easily. For Instance, it seems random, yet somehow there's a leaning towards form, a gelling of sounds to form shapes, borderline fractal images ripped into fragments then reassembled. "When The Lion Licks The Sun" opens once more on a sort of Ethnic shimmer before settling into a medium-paced drum rhythm with electronic enhancements - something akin to the white side of MUSLIMGAUZE's black. "Run, Run, Run, Blue Room" begins with some-one whistling over ambient sound before settling into a 'normal' Ethnic drum rhythm with strange squeeky noises & a great deep drum punctuation appearing at a set point. It tries (I feel) to be darker than it actually is, although it manages to maintain a strong sense of the senseless. "Petals" has a non-beat voice & koto-type beginning, giving it a trad Japanese flavour - a rather beautiful shapeless thing with the more Western, earthier voice. " discog review

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